Saturday, June 30, 2012

Glimpse - Stacey Wallace Benefiel

Zellie Wells has a devastating crush on Avery Adams, the son of her mom’s high school sweetheart. At her sixteenth birthday party, held in the basement of her dad’s church, she finally finds the courage to talk to him. Turns out, the devastating crush is mutual.As Avery takes her hand and leads her out onto the makeshift dance floor, Zellie is overwhelmed by her first vision of his death; shocking because not only are they both covered in his blood, but they’re old, like 35, and she is pregnant.Afraid to tell anyone about the vision, (she’d just be labeled a freaky black magic witch, right?) Zellie keeps the knowledge of Avery’s future to herself and tries to act like any other teenager in love. When they get caught on their way to a secret rendezvous by her mom and his dad, they are forbidden to see each other.Convinced that their parents are freaking out unnecessarily, Avery and Zellie vow to be together no matter what. They continue their relationship in secret until Zellie learns that their parents are just trying to prevent her and Avery from suffering like they did. The visions are hereditary, they’re dangerous, and if they stay together the visions will come true.Now Zellie must choose between severing all ties with Avery, like her mom did to prevent his father’s death, and finding a way to change Avery’s future.

I wanted to like this book, but I just couldn't get into it. I ended up more frustrate than entertained when I finished. The premise for Glimpse was a good idea, although it never really pans out and I was left feeling cheated. The pacing of the story was all off a lot of thing dragged and when there was a big event they were rushed and the climax come way to early in the story and everything else feels like filler.
The character have no depth at all, I just could not bring myself to care about them no matter how hard I tried. There was no growth or development they are all the same shallow character at the end some even more shallow. The "true love" between Zellie and Avery came of as nothing more than teenage infatuation and lust rather than any actual emotions. Nothing about how the characters reactions to situations seemed realistic, everyone seemed way to accepting and able to go on with life after some pretty weird situations and sad events.
The end itself was in a word , lame. Everything was tied up in a pretty bow and everyone goes on with their shallow little lives. That was not the ending this book needed.
Certain sub-plots were dropped or never fully explain I'm sure to garner interest in the next book in the series, but it really kinda fails at that and just annoyed me. Would I recommend Glimpse? Not at all. Will I read the rest of the series? Possibly, but only because I really do hate not finishing a series but I'm not in any hurry. So if for some reason you do decide to read this (it was free for my kindle) I hope you find more enjoyment out of it than I did, if not you can't say I didn't warn you.

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