Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog Tour Review Against All Odds - Aliaa El-Nashar

Reading Level: Young Adult
Author: Aliaa El-Nashar
Published: April 2011 by Shabab Books Publishing-house

 The Story revolves around:
-A boy called Damien who seems to have it all. He's rich, good-looking and athletic. He's also arrogant, obnoxious and a major player. Damien is one of 5 children who seem to not get along, until one day Damien meets Alexis and his life is turned inside out.
-A girl called Alexis who has trust issues due to her parents. Her best friends mean the world to her, and she refuses to date anyone that doesn't fit completely in her 'Perfect Guy' list. They're thrown together a lot and start to face inner demons they've hidden away for so long.

Review: While you can tell this is the authors first novel it was still a fun read. There are some times with way things are worded when you can tell the authors fist language isn't English. I really enjoyed the connection between Damien and Alexis even though at time I wanted to shake Damien and tell him to "just tell her already." I loved the banter amongst all the characters. Although Damien is supposed to be arrogant and kinda of a jerk you really don't see a lot of that as he seems to be trying to be a better person once he meets Alexis. Alexis is most definitely someone you would want to be friends with, she is very loyal and very much the peacemaker among her friends. I like some of the sub plots with the supporting characters and I really hope the author decides to write a sequel because I'm would love to find out if a romance blossoms between Edmund and Jane, I'm a sucker for fluff not everything has to be life or death, saving the world form demise, and forbidden love to make me happy sometime all I need is a good old fashion boy meets girl story to please me. So if you're look for a fun sweet story to read I do recommend picking up Against All Odds.